Mycket jobb, lite spel…

De senaste 4 veckorna har varit sjukt intensiva, haft en hel del att göra. Då vi har startat med en ny stor kund, där jag har varit inblandat med starten. Vilket var väldigt kul måste jag säga, sedan hade jag hand om det fram tills förra veckan.
Då jag har lite andra arbetsuppgifter i åtminstone 4 veckor till. Hektiskt och kul som sagt. Har även gått utbildning så går även som driftledare nu, vilket är oerhört kul. Vilket är mer eller mindre det jag jobbar med de kommande veckorna.

Men nu ska jag inte snacka mera jobb, även om jag verkligen älskar mitt jobb. Hehe. Det har dock inte blivit så mycket spelat på senare tid, har varit trött när man kommit hem och annat har helt enkelt kommit i vägen, på både gott och ont. Har varit ute och varit mer aktiv i andra saker, så det får man väl se som ett plus. Saknar dock spelandet, har köpt och klarat Mighty Gunvolt Burst till Nintendo Switch.
Det är ett jävligt bra spel i klassisk Mega Man stil och så otroligt mycket bättre än vad Mighty No.9 någonsin var. Går inte in så mycket mer på spelet, googla det om ni vill veta mer, men kan verkligen rekommendera det.
Har kört ett par timmar på Dragon Quest Heroes II, det är rätt trevligt.
Får väl se om man kommer in i det lite bättre, annars så inväntar jag Cave Story + till Switch. Det ser jag fram emot, har hört väldigt bra saker om det och har velat spela ett nytt “metroidvania” spel.

Annars blir det Final Fantasy XII HD till PlayStation 4 nästa månad, ska ge spelet en ny ärlig chans. Gillade det aldrig när det kom, men tror jag kan uppskatta det mer nu. Om inget annat så kan man se HD-versioner av Balthier och Fran. <3

Som folk troligen vet redan, så har Disney släppt det nya introt till den kommande DuckTales serien. Här om dagen släppte de också långversionen av sången, så tänker jag delar den här. Det är den klassiska DuckTales sången i ny förpackning, men ack så bra den är! En klassiker som aldrig dör.


Så även om det inte hänt så mycket på senare tid har det varit bra, kan inte alls klaga på hur det varit. Vi fortsätter köra på i samma takt och hoppas på lite semester snart. Hoppas ni alla har det riktigt bra och får en grymt skön sommar.

Early birthday gifts!

Today is a day I’ve waited a long time for! Finally Tales of Zestiria is released and I have my copy of the game! But that is not all, today is even the release of Dragon Quest Heroes. I think I’m set for the foreseeable future right now.

This is an early birthday present to myself. No way I could wait another 11 days to play it on my birthday. Not to fix some quick things and then gaming is on the schedule for the entire weekend. Which suits me just fine, since I can to much else since my lite operation. I just have to take it easy and not move around too much, which is easier said than done.

Tales of Zestiria soon!

Not long now until Tales of Zestiria is released. Just a little more than three week left, gah! But it feels like half an eternity left. Time will probably fly by fast as always and before I know it it will be October 16h. It is my most anticipated game of the year, sure this year has been filled with great games. But the Tales of series is special too me.
And I’m also looking forward to Dragon Quest Heroes that is released the same day, going to be a JRPG feast for me. Yum, yum.

Well October is not only fun and games for me. I’m going to make a little operation, not going to go into what it is. Nothing dangerous (I hope) and I’m not doing it because of anything dangerous or something like that. It is just something to improve my quality of life.
So at least for a time I’ll be doing some other stuff in my work, can’t do my regular stuff for a while. But it’s going to be a nice relaxation to do something else. As long as I can work and don’t have to be home I’m pleased. =)

Mega good time

I downloaded the Mega Man Legacy Collection for the PlayStation 4 last night, so I’ve been playing that all day. I’ve made my way through Mega Man 1-3.
All games I’ve beaten in the past, but it was fun returning to them, so it is going to be extra fun when I start playing Mega Man 4-6, since I’ve never played them before. Hopefully I like them too, but who knows. At least I’ll be going into those games with no knowledge of weaknesses or stuff like that.

Other than playing Mega Man games things have been pretty quite, not much has happened. Well there is a big thing that is happening in my life, something I will go deeper into later. Why not now? I feel like each time I talk about something good, before it has started something always comes in the way and screws with it. I’m not taking any chances now, but it will be something that is good for me and might possible lead me to actually try and go and visit friends that live far away from me. (No, I’m sadly not getting a drives license. But I wish I was.)
Well I won’t be able to spend money on stuff, for the upcoming future at least.

But it’s worth it. And I’m lucky I’ve used my local GameStops trade-in deals, to preorder all the stuff I wanted this year anyway. So I’m all set! I’m awaiting a DualShock 4 20th Anniversary edition, Tales of Zestiria, Dragon Quest Heroes and Transformers: Devastation. I’m set for the rest of the year.
And hopefully I’ll get Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, tomorrow in the mail. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I’ve also done some work on my site, mostly stuff you wouldn’t think twice about. Fixing old posts, that had missing pictures. Sadly couldn’t fix all since some photos I don’t have anymore. But everything under the hood of the site is more streamlined for me.

Finally some free time

Four the past four weeks I’ve been in charge of some stuff where I work, it was very fun and educational. I took up on this offer since the person originally in charge of this was on vacation. And yesterday was my last day working with that I am doing my regular work this weekend and after that, I have three days off. It is time to recharge the batteries and just take it easy and then return to my regular working routines. Everyone involved in this has been super helpful, thanks everyone. As I said it was fun, but it is going to be a bit of relief not having all that responsibility on my shoulders.

The sad part is that I have almost played no videogames for the past four weeks either. Not as much as I would have liked, since I’ve been to tired to actually take my time and sit down and play. But at the same time that has also been a pretty nice break, because soon Metal Gear Solid V is here and then it’s October with a ton of games, so I have a lot to play in the upcoming months. Just about two months away from the release of Tales of Zestiria and man I’m just getting more and more pumped for that game. I want it now! And then we have Dragon Quest Heroes and Transformers: Devastation.

I’ve also had the displeasure of seeing the new Fantastic Four movie. I’m one of those people who usually enjoy “bad” movies, the movies everyone else hate. But no, not this one. This was a big pile of… Yeah, I’m not exactly what. But this movie was terrible. It had some good idea thought, but they never made anything with them. The movie wasn’t that long but it felt like it was never going to end.
I’ve watched Terminator Genisys too and that was much better, I enjoyed it. Even if the trailers already spoiled one of the major stuff in the movie. The one who made the trailer and the one who greenlit the trailer to be released should be fired.
Anyone have any good tips on movies or tv-shows to watch? I need something new to watch.

Batman: Arkham Knight & Tales of Zestiria

So for the past week I’ve been playing Batman: Arkham Knight for the
PlayStation 4. Such a great game, I had some troubles putting the controller down. Like yesterday I played for about 15hours straight! Well I took miniature pauses for food and other visits, if ya get my drift. The worst (best) part is that it didn’t feel like I spent such a long time with the game, the day just flew by and I haven’t done gaming in one sitting like this in years! Mostly I’ve just gotten 2-3hours in one sitting.

I did really like the game, but I’m a tad sad that the batmobile takes up a bit too much space. I can’t go into detail on what exactly what I mean, since I would then have to spoil some stuff and I’m NOT going to do that. All in all it was a good game and a good ending to Rocksteady’s Arkham trilogy, I’m please that Rocksteady acknowledges the stuff that happened in Arkham Origins even if they didn’t make the game themselves.
I just have some Riddler stuff left (almost all of it) and I’ll see if I will give them ago, probably not. But if would be nice, since there is a surprise… ;)

And in other news Bandai Namco today announced the Collectors Edition for
Tales of Zestiria, it’s more or less the same version as the Japanese CE. A shame that the will bring the ToZ OVA over, but on a DVD. You would think they would put it on a blu-ray for the PS3 and PS4. You’ll get a cloth artwork, steelbook, 4 Chibi Kyun figures, hardcover arbook, selected soundtrack cd and a big old box to put everything in. I’m still thinking about getting this or not, some great stuff, but I would have preferred a figure like Milla or Ludger from Tales of Xillia 1 & 2.

Some retailers will offer some Tales of Cameo costumes! I need them, I must have them! So hopefully my local GameStop will be able to offer these costumes. If you get the game digitally you will get them regardless. I’m not sure if this is true even for the steam version of the game, but I would be surprised if you didn’t get them there too. And speaking of steam, they are going to release Tales of Symphonia HD on steam next year. If a lot of people preorder Tales of Zestiria on steam and they hit a certain mark, those who preordered ToZ will get ToSHD for free. Not bad, not bad.

So what is next for me in line of games? We’ll I’m looking forward to
Onechanbara Z2 Chaos which is coming out the Juli 21 in the US. Guess it will be imported since we still don’t have a date in Europe and I want to be sure to get a physical copy. After that its time for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain in September, then in October I have no idea how I’m going to find time to play all the games I want. Dragon Quest Heroes, Tales of Zestiria, Transformers: Devastation. Ugh. Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection is something I’ll be getting later, since I do not have the time and I’m pretty sure it will sell well either way. There are probably so many more games I’ve missed and for now that is okay, I don’t need to remember them all. That would only be more trouble for me. Hehe.
What did you say? I don’t have to get all the games at once? I can wait? What are you saying dear sir/madam? You crazy. O.O

Games I want in 2015

I made this post before but in Swedish, but I thought I might revisit it and make it in English instead. Why the revision? Well one of my most anticipated games of the year has slipped into a 2016 release, which is a shame. But hopefully it will lead to a much better game. And honestly I’m not surprised it got delayed, still a shame though. This list is nowhere near complete, I have just taken the big games that I’m getting this year. I have probably missed a few titles that I would love to get my hands on. So this post might be updated at a later date, or I might have to update because new announcements or more delays… But we’ll tackle that hurdle when it comes to that. But for now these are the games I’m most looking forward to in 2015.

Tales of Zestiria

I love the Tales of games. It’s just about the only JRPG series that I really love and enjoy to my fullest right now. Of course there are many great games out there, but right now Tales is closest to my heart. So when Bandai Namco localizes Tales of games, I just really need to buy them an support them. And Tales of Zestiria will be no different. Just as long as it isn’t any mobile stuff, in getting it. The game is looking good so far and I’m really looking forward to my hands on this title. I’m just hoping I’m not hyping myself to much on the game, but for now it is my number one sought after game this year. Just announce a date Bandai Namco! I’m there day fricking one!

Dragon Quest Heroes

When I laid my eyes upon Dragon Quest Heroes for the first time I knew I had to have this game. I was thinking of importing it but then Square Enix announced it would be released in the west. I was as happy as a cat playing in a cardboard box. Its supposed to be like a Warrios/Musou game, but with more action RPG elements and that is something I can really dig. I really like the 3D models of Akira Toriyama’s designs, I think they found a 3D style that really works well. It is going to be fun running around together with old DQ heroes in the game, Jessica will be on my team as often as she can be! When a problem comes along, she’ll whip it! Whip it good!

Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman! Always Batman! Always driving villains bats! So what do we do? It’s simple, we kill the Batman. I guess that sums it all up huh? Well I’m very excited for this game, its the last game in Rocksteadys Arkham Trilogy and I’ve enjoyed the past two games very much. Even Arkham Origins which isn’t made by Rocksteady.
So will this truly be the end for the caped crusader? Will he kick the bucket? Will Arkham City take over the pieces that are left of Gotham? On June 23rd we will finally find out, that is if it doesn’t get delayed yet again…

Xenoblade Chronicles X

Those who have followed me for a while or just know me, knows how much I love the Xenosaga games. I still prefer them to Xenoblade, which is also a fricking awesome game! But Xenosaga just spoke more too me, an unpopular opinion which I hope I can have without being slaughtered. That being said, I can’t wait to get my dirty little mittens on Xenoblade Chronicles X! What I’ve seen so far really blows me away, now I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this title won’t be delayed into next year. That would really bum me out. Hopefully it will be fun to create your own character, so naturally I’m going to try to recreate KOS-MOS.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

After MGS4 I hardly wanted anything to do with the MGS series again, it was a disappointment to me. Maybe I expected to much, but solve everything with nanomachines and taking away my sob ending, ruined it for me. With MGS5 we are turning back to Big Boss and I’m hoping we will see him fall to evil in this game. What I’ve seen so far of the game has really got my interest going to the game. September 1st can’t come soon enough.

Yoshi’s Woolly World

It’s Yoshi made of yarn. If it could work for Kirby it can work for Yoshi, to be honest I actually think it will work better for him. Either way, the more platforming games we can get the better. I feel like its a dying or rather sleeping genre and its a damn shame. Nintendo always delivers quality games, so I’m 100% sure this title will be very enjoyable.

Onechanbara: Z2 Chaos

Girls, Swords, Zombies. What more can you want? Good gameplay would be nice… It seems like this has that too, from the few movies I’ve watched from this game, I think I’ll get an enjoyable game. I’ve heard its an okay game and it reminds me a bit of Lollipop Chainsaw. Google it, see for yourselves. But I think this will be a “guilty pleasure” game for me this year. Not that I really have GP games, since I like what I like and I’m not afraid to say so.