Still no internet, but my computer is dead!

Still no news on when the hell we are getting our phone and internet connected at our house. Hope it will be soon, I want to start surfing again! So many things I’ve missed. Like talking to some of my friends online. Hope it will be fixed soon at least. And my computer has died totally, harddrive crached and then everything just went black. All my unsaved work down the goddamn drain! Perfect, just what I needed after a fucking shitty week. So now I somehow have to get a working computer, since I can’t sit by my dads computer all the time. I neither can or will. I want some sort of privacy. And to be able to sit there all night if I should have to, when working on my photoshop stuff or some videos. So this is really frustrating for me, since I can’t afford anything like this now. I’m so happy!

Well I’ve stopped working at Kristianstad Lego, it didn’t workout. They couldn’t accept that I hade some problems in my real life, so they pulled the plug. Well at least it wasn’t a real job and it gave me nothing and would have given me nothing. Since they don’t hire folks, so I would never have gotten a job there anyway.
So later not sure when, I’m gonna meet a “arbets psykolog” or whatever and hopefully they will give me the help, I”ve asked for sometime. So I’ll just have to wait and see how things turnout, but right now everything feels like shit with the computer and personal stuff. Gah…
Well I’m hoping next time I write I can have some good news for a change.