New design

So as you might see I’ve changed the design a bit for the site.
I personally like it more now. I think it feels and looks more simple but better.
If that now makes any sense. So what do you folks feel about it?
I still have some work to to and some stuff to get right and it might take a while since I still don’t know exactly how CSS works properly. So I’m hoping I can work out all those “bugs”. But I’m more pleased with the look.

No other news at the moment. Nothing more than I have a meeting on monday. So I’m hoping that goes well and I can get some economical help. Gonna ask if they can help me with an apparment or something. I don’t dislike living with my parents, but I really need a place of my own right now.  So I’m hoping that’s something that can be arranged. And oh yeah…. I’ll turn 25 on monday, lucky me.

To my visitors

I just want to apologize if you think the site is looking weird right now. That’s because I’m experimenting with its design.
I’ve started to work with CSS and i’m hoping I can get the site to look more like I want it to look. When the site is ready I’ll post an update of what’s been happening in my life and what I’ve been doing the in the past weeks.
See ya when the site is ready!