Give me cheese for my whine!!

Yesterday was a pretty awful day. Work was pretty okay, but then my colleague that I work with got sick and headed home. Leaving me with a bunch of work. And driving our big cleaner machine, which I’ve only have received little training for. It went okay, but still… That was a bit to much to take in all on one day, but it had to be done and I was pretty stressed out.
Well after this hard day, I managed to get home a bit earlier. Needed to do some shopping since my fridge was empty as fuck, yay out into the wild! People everywhere for some reason, more people than it usually is. And me having “torg skräck” I get very stressful around lot’s of people and got a minor panic attack.
After a few hours I’m finally done, I have about 3 hours before I should go to bed and try to get some sleep. So I think, hey Micke. You work hard today, buy something good. So I order some kebab from my usually place, but this could possibly have been the worst meal I’ve had in ages. It cost 84SEK and the fries where tasteless, the kebab unfinished. URGH!
There quality have been dropping much lately and this was the last straw for me, I’m not eating there anymore.

Yes! Give me cheese dood!

Good news, turned bad

So I had some news to post today. I was hoping to post good news, but sadly there is none. I was looking at an apartment I was hoping to get. And things looked good. But in the end things didn’t turn out as I wanted them to. A shame. There was a person before me in the line to get it, and he wanted it so… That’s how it is. =/
Not much can be done, just have to keep searching.

Well the good thing about this, is that its almost time for
Transformers Revenge of The Fallen to have its premier! Really looking forward to that. More now than before…

Dragonball Evolution… Oh, dear god…

I just finsihed watching Dragonball Evolution. You know, the REAL Dragonball movie. And holy shit. This has to be the worst movie I’ve ever seen. Well at least one of the worst. I don’t even know where to begin to bash it. This is one is just as shitty as the second Mortal Kombat movie. Just as bad as Power Rangers the movie, but without some of its charm. Well it had charm if you liked Power Rangers. I feel like DB Evolution, raped everything that is Dragonball. And as an old DB fan, I recommend no one to watch this garbage. Please people! Save your money, don’t let them get money for a sequal. I do not normaly complain about bad movies. But then again, this one was utter shit. The only good thing about the movie was that Piccolo was okay. And had about 7 minutes of screentime in total. All actors felt bad, probably due to crappy script. Hopefully. No, please people don’t go and see this, don’t pay money fo it. Gagh!

And when it was starting to look nice…

So I got a phone call this morning, from the place where I was going to work.
They told me that they had solved their working problem so I was no longer needed. Why fucking thank you! So great, no extra money!

Ahh… it seems there was a missunderstanding. I’m probably going to start next monday. So it was all an missunderstanding, from my side… Woho! So next monday, it will all start. :)

BTW… I’ve decided to stop drinking Coca Cola. Why? Well I just wanna stop. Or at least cut down on it. So We’ll see how well that will go.