“Done” with Dragon Quest Builders 2

Firstly no way in hell I’m done with Dragon Quest Builders 2, but after 100hours of playing the game I’m taking a break from it. I’ve beaten the story mode and I felt like I needed to give some of the other new games I have some love.
But man, the building in DQB2 just swallowed me and all my time, I’ve had such a blast just building. Many, many of those 100hours are just me building on my island instead of just playing the game and clearing the story and then start building for real.
I’ve had a real hard time putting down the controller, so far it’s a GOTY contender for me. There have been few games that has brought me so much joy in recent times.
Many games I love, but very few I’ve spent over a 100hours on.
So yeah. That’s where I’ve been spending all my time with, when I haven’t been working these last couple of weeks.

I can’t remember if I’ve said anything about it before, but I’m completely done with GameStop now. Not going to continue to support it, short reason. The best store manager went on to do other stuff and my local shop turned into all other GameStops. What made it unique and me willing to spend money there is gone and surprise, now that shop if gone. But we have another one not far away, but doesn’t matter I’m still done, not paying anymore overprices for games. Well here are the last games I had preordered from them.

Man I love Dragon Quest Builders 2!

Currently giving Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 a go. Was thinking about trying
Fire Emblem, but after coming from 100hours of gameplay from DQB2, I needed something else. Just needed something to bash or something.
But I’m going to return to Trails of Cold Steel 2 in about a week, that’s when my vacation finally starts and I’ve said I’m going to put my all into it then. So yeah, gotta keep bashing when I can. And give my PlayStation 4 some more love.

Currently I’m working on the next episode of me and my friends show “Äntligen Nördag” Which translates into something like Finally Nerday.
Missing some scenes for the video to be finished, but more info on that when I’m actually done with the episode.