My darkest hour

About 2-3years ago me and my family lost our electricity at the place we lived at the moment. It took a certain electrical company about 2 months to fix that. And that was in the middle of the winter, not so good times.
And now they have screwed up again. They were going to fix some electrical work for our neighbors but shutdown our and another one of our neighbors electricity.  And what do they say?
We are sorry, but we can’t send another man out there to fix it before next week.” So sometime next week we’ll have the power back on. So if I’m not online much that’s why.

And there have been some talking here at school that they might get me into a store, where I can work. It will only be for a month. I both hope it happens and at the same time hope it does not happen. If I don’t do it, I’ll loose all my money they are very strict with this. I really don’t want to loose all my money. There has been a lot of shit happening wiht others where I go, that’s why they have become so strict with this. But if I do it other plans might get scraped…. Sadly…. I still don’t know if its the case but a big possibility, just so ya know.
Also sometime next week I will have 100% info on that matter, so for now lets keep our fingerscrossed.
But as always life keeps kicking me when I’m on the ground.

EDIT: Well it seems like we’ll be getting our electricity by tomorrow.
Guess they admited they had done wrong. Holy hell! Either way I don’t care if they are right or wrong as long as I get power pack I’m glad.