Bioshock and Little Sisters

Not a big fan of FPS, the only one I’ve ever liked was Golden Eye for the Nintendo 64. But there was something that really drew me to Bioshock. Not sure what, but there was something. It could have been when I saw my father try it out and liking it and speaking good about it. So it might have stuck to me.
Either way, I started playing this game on Monday when everyone else had their PS3 jammed by a bug, dubbed “The ApocalyPS3“.

Due to an unfortunate accident you wind up in the middle of the ocean and you stumble upon the entrance to the hidden underwater city Rapture.
Where all hell has broken loose it seems. You soon agree to help Atlas, a fellow who’s family is trapped in a submarine. But things go wrong and you soon find yourself on a quest for revenge. The story of the game is pretty good actually and the voice actors in the game do a really great job.
The environment is creepy at sometimes and some of the characters are creepy too. Like the Little Sisters and Big Daddy’s. (See picture below).

I don’t think I have any complaints with the game, but I wish there was more variety to the enemies. But then again they work really well with the game.
I’m not sure this will make me love FPS, but it was a good game.
And it was really good and refreshing to play something other than just RPGs. I do love ’em, but I’ve missed so many other good none-RPGs.
I really want to give the second game a try. So if I can get my hands on that somehow I’ll definitely play that one. After this I think I’m taking a break from playing and wait for Final Fantasy XIII. But then again I’m very tempted to start playing
Star Ocean The Last Hope International. Not sure what to do really…

A knight in shining armor

And the knight has done his duty well. A couple of hours ago I finished
White Knight Chronicles, which was a game I had waited a long time for. I was sold on the game since the first trailer, but It would take some time before I would be able to play it. The game was released December 26th 2008 in Japan, but for some reason the localization took its sweet time. It was released February 2nd 2010 in the US...
Thanks to it being in translation for so long, a lot of people lost interest in it. And I still wanted to see this game being released sometime last year. A shame it didn’t, I’m not sure it was worth the wait. But I did enjoy myself.

The gameplay battle-wise reminds me a bit of Final Fantasy XII, with its
MMOish-interface. If people hated it with FFXII, they are probably gonna hate it in WKC also. The battle-system works fine and is pretty fast, so I’ve got no complaints there. I like the graphics, but I wouldn’t complain it they could have fixed how some of the characters look. The story characters are fine but the rest not so much.
The music in the game is good, but I wouldn’t have complained if there was more variation in it. But the opening/demo theme with the violins in it rocks!

You create your own character in this game, that will follow the main characters through the entire game. This characters biggest role is in the online part of the game. Where he is the main star, but I wish they had made the character creation part a little bit better. Its easier to make a freakish character than it is to make a good looking one. Hopefully they will fix all the minor stuff to the sequel. I would say the game takes about 20-25hours to finish, depending on what you choose to do in the game. And it is a bit easy. While I see those to things as a bit of a let down, perhaps others will be glad to know its not a long game. Or very hard. But thanks to the online part, the games playtime will probably last for about 100hours. At least it wouldn’t surprise me if it lasted that long, to do everything online.

Great game that lived up to my expectations, 2010 has started of really well with first Darksiders and now WKC for my own part. I’m hoping this trend will keep on with Final Fantasy XIII & 3D Dot Game Heroes. If you are looking for an RPG for the PS3 I would recommend this title. The release for the game in Europe is either the 24th or 26th February. Hope the sequel to this game won’t take over a year to localize.

White Knight Chronicles

Darksiders! First game of the year finished!

And now I finished watching the end credits to Darksiders! Damn, what a great game. It really turned out better than would have dared to hope. It really is like a Darkish Zelda game with a big of God of War‘s combat system.
War is a pretty cool character and I want to see more of his quest for revenge. I’m not sure what more I am to say about the game. Go out and buy it! If you’ve been looking for a good adventure game in Zelda style, this is perfect for you.

I’m going to continue to get some stuff I missed in the game. Like life-shards & wrath cores. Think of them as Hearts and Magic containers. Then I’m going after some of the trophies I’ve missed in the game, when I’m done with that I’m going to put this game to rest for a bit. I will be replaying it on the hardest difficulty too, to get that trophy. But that will come when I have an HDTV. Well probably. Perhaps I’ll go trough it again before that, that all depends on what I feel like doing.

I really hope the rest of the year will be filled with games just as good as this one. This is the first time (that I can remember) a year has started of with a really good game. With games as White Knight Chronicles and Final Fantasy XIII on my own list. I sure hope they will live up to my expectations

In the depths of (Dead) Space

Two of my closest friends, Elden & Ezakiel have been trying to get me to play
Dead Space
. And I’ve had other things to play, so I ignored it. Had other games that I gave higher priority. Well, about 1½ week ago, (maybe more) I had no more games to play, no more excuses. So I borrowed it from Elden.
And then today I finished the game. It took me 10h and 21min to clear, It was a good game and I jumped out of my seat more times than I care to mention.
Both my friends love this game while I think it was okay. It gave me the fright I was hoping Resident Evil 5 was going to give me, but it appears that starting to get tired of horror games. I will probably not play this game again. Once was enough for me.

THE GOOD: What I liked about the game
The necromorph aliens in the game are pretty scary and are a good verity of them. And I’m pretty sure you’ll be scared at least once in the game. The music is another thing I like in the game, they use it really well to build up certain moments. Or just when they want to scare the living shit out of you. Really creepy atmosphere, I like. Very good looking game and gory. Yummy.

THE BAD: What I disliked about the game
I felt the game was fairly monotonous and it got boring pretty quickly.
Get objective, go do that, get next objective, do that, go to Tram, chapter end. Repeat for every chapter in the game… It might be a standard in these kind of games, but it felt much worse in this game. The story wasn’t all that great, not that I expected it to be great. I just think a story like this works better in movies…
And I hated that Issac (main character) was a mute. Its one of those things I’m so sick of in games, unless you make a character yourself. Then its okay IMO.

As I said in the beginning of this post, I’m getting somewhat tired of horror games. While I did enjoy DeadSpace, there was still something I felt I was missing. I’m not sure what. Or its  just that feeling of being bored that took over.
For me Dead Space is a 7/10.

Mega Man 9 cleared!

Finally! After owning this game for almost a year I thought I was time I cleared the game. And that’s what I’ve been doing these past three days.
When I first started to replay it I sucked as hell, couldn’t finish the simplest things. But thankfully after a few hours with the game, it finally felt right again. I really hate that I died to much as I did, but it felt good when I got back in the groove again.
Man I’m so glad to have finished this game.I know, not the best of clear times. But I don’t care! I’m just so damn happy about finishing the game. ^^
This was probably the last game of the year I finished too, unless I play something in the upcoming week. Who knows? If I don’t, then at least I finished this gaming year with a great game.

MegaMan 9 cleared!
MegaMan 9 cleared! MegaMan 9 cleared!

Platinum get! Uncharted 2!

And so I’ve taken the platinum trophy in Uncharted 2 Among Thieves. I was a lot easier than i thought, since I really had to work for in in the first game. So now I have cleared 100% of the game, it feels pretty nice to say that. It is a really great game and I will play it again sometime, but now I need a break from it. Will probably play some Little Big Planet again or Eat Lead: Return of Matt Hazard.

Other news, I’ve been feeling a bit sick again. Got a bit of a cold again! What am I? A cold magnet? Feels like that way. And now I have a migraine headache. Ugh. Hope it goes away soon, all this away time from “work” will really take its toll on my pay.
I will get a shitty pay as hell in November. =(

Some update and Uncharted 2 cleared!

Well I’m finally trying to loose weight, I’ve been without candy or soda for two days. Big fucking whoop right? Well for me it is. One I stopped with soda but for reasons I can’t remember I started to drink again. Then I’ve tried some times again but it didn’t go so well. Guess I am a sodaholic or something. =P
Well thanks to a friend of mine I’m now very motivated to stop eating candy and drinking soda, I wanna loose weight and return to the figure I’ve once had. But I must stop with this shit first, its gonna be hard since my body is used to sugar.
But I’m gonna try my hardest. That’s also what the “DAYS” counting in the sidebar is keeping track of the days I’ve been without any of it. If you have any tips that can help, I would appreciate them.

In other news, I’ve cleared Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Awesome game! I like it better than the first one. And it was a bit longer too, which I really liked. If you liked the first game, you really should get this one. Gonna replay it on hard next time so I can unlock the “crushing” difficulty level… Need to finish that if I want to gather trophies in the game. So that’s what’s up next, at least until I get
Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time. Well, I might also play a bit of
Eat Lead: Return of Matt Hazard too. I’ll probably do that first actually.