Ar Tonelico Qoga cleared!

Since Playstation Network came back and I could sync my PS3 slim with my PSN account, I’ve been playing Ar Tonelico Qoga like a madman!! This is also my 50th Playstation 3 game I’ve finished. I’m glad a JRPG took that spot. So what can I say about the game? It has its ups and downs, and I think I’m fairly pleased with it.
Even if the older games are better, this was the best of the two Gust games I’ve played this generation, I feel much more satisfied with this game than I ever did with Atelier Rorona. It took me about 37 hours to complete and there is still a bunch of stuff to do. If I want to do all the extra stuff that is, but I’m gonna save that for some other time.

Well, I’m heading off to bed now and when I wake up, I’m gonna give No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise a shot. Looking forward to see what I’ll be thinking of that. Now I’m gonna go dream of my wonderful Saki and be happy since I got her best ending in AT Qoga. Yay! (Saki is the one to the right)

Finally an update!

Now I’m finally back with an update! I’ve updated the design for my homepage! I thought it was about time I did something new, I’m pleased with how this one has turned out. Its pretty simple but very functional, but I’m not done with the design yet. Over the coming days/weeks I’m going to change and tweek stuff until they all are to my linking. So if you see something that looks a bit weird, please report it to me.

I’ve been busy with work and I’ve been to tired to do anything when I got home, so that’s why I’ve been inactive for those of you who has noticed. But hopefully I can catch up a bit on that again, at least I’ve had some time to play.
I’ve been playing Ar Tonelico Qoga and I’m about 15-16hours into the game, and I like it very much so far. Will probably post a review of it later on RPGbloggen, so if you’re Swedish check back there later!
Looking forward to next week, when we finally have some vacation thanks to it being easter. Four days of from work! Sure, both Saturday and Sunday are included in those days. But still! Its nice to get a few days, to do some stuff I’ve wanted. To be able to just take a trip into town and check what’s going on there, ya know the simple little stuff.

I’ve also had the chance to finish some older anime series and start watching some new ones.
I hope I have the time and motivation to do some posts on them, with my thoughts. So much you want to do, but so little time to do it. It’s a shame. But you’ll probably see a few more updates coming in the upcoming days, I’m going to post some of my favorite anime openings/intros. So there will be a few video posts. Well that’s all I have planned for now, that I can remember. See ya’ll then!

Busy, busy, busy!

Heh, it feels like the only thing i’m doing is working. And it leaves very lite time over for other stuff. I haven’t played games for some time either, so it feels a bit sad. I like my work I just wish I had a few days on weekdays that I could have some time off.

I finally started to play again yesterday, I started with Ar Tonelico Qoga. A game I’ve been looking forward to for some time. I’ll post impressions later and a reveiw on RPGbloggen later. I’m also hoping I can play White Knight Chronicles 2 and No More Heroes for the Playstation 3 in May when they are released.

I’ve also been thinking about changing the theme on my site, I have had this one for a while now and I want to update. I want to add more stuff on the “About Me” section. I want to change the listing in “Cleared Games”. A lot of stuff I wanna do but where to find the time between work and gaming? Guess we’ll see.

Ar Tonelico

When I opened the mailbox today what did I find? I fine packed from VideoGamesPlus. I thought to myself what ever could it be? (Of course I knew, I ordered the game! Duh!)

So I’ll go try this game and be back later, to see what I thought.