Dark Moon, Computer & work

Its been a week since I last posted something and yes, I also saw Transformers: Dark of The Moon. After much thought I feel nothing more than disappointment with the movie, its cool and explosions are awesome…
But I thought it was boring, there was a bunch of stuff happening but I just couldn’t get into it. I know some people love this movie and I love Transformers. Just about anything with Transformers, but I think it went downhill with Revenge of The Fallen. There was to little focus on the main Transformers characters IMO, Megatron where are you? The movie felt way to long for me, mostly because I couldn’t really enjoy it.
I would very much like to see a movie with only the Transformers, preferably on Cybertron in their war. Or show us the start of it all, like in the book Transformers Exodus. Damn, I would really like to see that one animated. But yeah, sadly this was not the movie I was hoping it would be.
I’m looking forward to see if there will be a fourth movie and I’m hoping with new blood, I like Micheal Bay. But I think the Transformers movie franchise needs someone else. And as long as we don’t get Shia Lebeouf in yet another sequel I’ll be happy.

And you guessed it, I’ve been working, working, working!! And feeling down, way down. But I’m slowly starting to feel better, which is damn nice. I am also hoping my computer problems are fixed now, more on that later when I’m 100% sure that it is fixed. So I’ll probably be more active online, than I’ve been the past months. I’m also hoping I can really take up my old hobby with making AMVs again, I finally feel like I have the energy/inspiration I’ve been looking for.

Dark of the moon, baby!!

I’m a bit sad that I wasn’t able to go see Transformers 3 Dark of the moon, on its premier. I’ve done that with the last two and I enjoy watching movies when they premier. No real reason for it, it just feels nice. So I was a bit pissed when the Swedish premier was a Wednesday, stupid workday. But whatever, now it is finally time and I am so very excited a shame they are only showing the 3D version here, especially when they say they would show the none 3D version. Hope its good so my eyes won’t hurt for most of the movie, like they did with Thor.
So I’ll get back to ya all with my thoughts of the movie later. Hope we get some more Soundwave action this time around.

Been taking a break from gaming and it has felt pretty good. I am going to start playing Red Dead Redemption soon at least. I’m just taking a break to rediscover an old hobby of mine. Making videos/amv’s.
I think I haven’t done anything since 2009, so I am a bit rusty. But I looking forward to see what will be made. I am at least trying to remake some of my older amv’s, with a bit higher video quality and widescreen support. So it’s gonna be awesome.

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Thor was seen in 3D…

So I saw Thor last night. In 3D I might add, the movie in itself was really great. I liked it a lot, and can’t wait to the the Captain America movie. The only downside In my opinion was the 3D. Sure it was cool in some scenes, but for most times it was just irritating and pretty hard to follow sometimes. It might have been our cinema that had some half crappy 3D stuff, but I’m not impressed. And it really hurt my eyes afterwards. So I won’t be watching anymore 3D movies in that cinema at least, I don’t want to have eye pain. I honestly didn’t feel well after that experience with 3D, I was feeling strange all night. The movie is based on the comic from Marvel about the god of thunder, Thor. I was not to familiar with the character, I’ve had some previous encounters with the character via Avengers: Eart’s Mightiest Heroes.

I’m not going to go into detail about the movie or characters. Thor is arrogant and ignores his fathers, Odin’s wishes. He thinks he knows best and gets into a whole lot of trouble, for that Odin exiles him from Asgard. He lands in our world “Middle Earth”. He has been striped of his powers and like us he is a mere mortal, this banishment torments Odin. Since he has hopped to make Thor the new king of Asgard. He is fatigued and collapse, he enters the Odin sleep, in which he rejuvenates his powers. This makes his brother Loki, the new king of Asgard.
And If you are familiar with some of the Nordic stories of the gods, you can probably guess where this is headed. As I said before the movie was great and they make a couple of hints at other Marvel characters, like Hulk and Iron Man. And I love stuff like that. The action was kick ass and the slower story parts very good. I think they build up Thor’s movie universe pretty good, I can’t wait to see all of the Avengers assembled in the Avengers movies.

Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Natalie Portman as Jane Foster

I’m gonna go see Thor

Later today me and my buddies, Elden and ZX-Omega are going to watch Thor. It will be the first 3D movie i’ll be seeing. So that’s going to be a new experience, I just hope it is a good experience so I don’t feel sick because of it.
Come back later and i’ll probably will have written some of my thoughts on the movie.

As you might see, i’ve changed the sites design a bit again. I’m more satisfied with it this way. Still not finished with everything, I want a background picture and doing some color changes. The background will take time, since I am not very good at making those.

New 2D Sonic game!

So its seems have something they call “Project Needlemouse” in the works.
Which is a new Sonic The Hedgehog game in 2D! And apparently it will be a HD game also. So PS3 & Xbox 360 seems like the likely consoles it will land on. Probably Wii too. But right now, its not announced on any consoles. Will this really be Sonic’s big comeback? I’m hoping so, since at least Sonic Unleashed has some good elements. Hopefully this will be the jackpot we’ve all been waiting for.