Spel jag vill/ska ha

Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series2022-07-08PlayStation 5
Live A Live HD2022-07-22Switch
Azure Striker Gunvolt 32022-07-28Switch
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge2022-07-29Switch
Xenoblade Chronicles 32022-07-29Switch
Sword & Fairy: Together Forever2022-08-04PlayStation 5
Saints Row2022-08-23PlayStation 5
Trails from Zero2022-09-30Switch
Forspoken2022-10-11PlayStation 5
Gotham Knights2022-10-25PlayStation 5
Pokémon Violet2022-11-18Switch
Star Ocean: The Divine Force2022-11-27PlayStation 5
Dragon Quest Treasures2022-12-09Switch
Bayonetta 32022-13-00Switch
Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core Reunion2022-13-00PlayStation 5
God of War: Ragnarök2022-13-00PlayStation 5
Granblue Fantasy Relink2022-13-00PlayStation 5
One Piece Odyssey2022-13-00PlayStation 5
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Cowabunga Collection2022-13-00Switch
Valkyrie Elysium2022-13-00PlayStation 5
Nayuta: Boundless2023-00-00PlayStation 4
Spider-Man 22023-00-00PlayStation 5
Star Wars: Jedi Survivor2023-00-00PlayStation 5
The Legend of Zelda BOTW 22023-00-00Switch
Trails into Reverie2023-00-00PlayStation 4
Trails to Azure2023-00-00PlayStation 4
Wolverine2023-00-00PlayStation 5
Persona 3 Portable + Persona 4 Golden2023-00-00Switch
Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection2023-00-00Switch
Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth2023-00-00PlayStation 5
Dragon Quest III HD-2D RemakeOkänt??
Dragon Quest X OfflineOkäntSwitch
Dragon Quest XII Flame of FateOkänt??
Edens ZeroOkänt??
Final Fantasy XVIOkäntPlayStation 5
Kingdom Hearts IVOkäntPlayStation 5
Metal: HellsingerOkänt??
Metroid Prime 4OkäntSwitch
Project EveOkäntPlayStation 5
Horizon II: Forbidden Westute nuPlayStation 5
Sonic Originsute nuSwitch