Super Smash Bros for Switch

Super Smash Bros. (Working title)

It finally happened! Last Thursday night, Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo Switch was announced! And hold on to your hats… It’s coming this year! Oh, yeah!!
And that’s more or less where the news ends. Sadly.
We know two things at least, the Splatoon Inklings will be in the game and Link will have his Breath of The Wild appearance. Here you can see the announcement video.

From the teaser video we can at least see Bowser, Donkey Kong and Samus. Them plus Mario, Link and Inklings are in. Now the fun has begun to see and speculate if we can guess who the other fighters are going to be. I personally hope we get some more representatives from the Xenoblade Chronicles games.
Would love to have Elma from Xenoblade Chronicles X in the game. If we get more third party characters, I’d love to see Shovel Knight and Shantae in the game.

Well we can speculate all we want and we shall! Another thing is that a lot of people think this is an upgraded version of the Smash Bros game that was released on Wii U.
While that could be the case, I’m going to believe this is a completely new title and not an upgraded port. If I’m wrong I’m wrong, but I hope this is completely new.

What new characters do you want to see? What returning ones? I’m not so sure about returning ones but I’d love to see Mega Man X in the fight. Elma as I said before, someone from Xenoblade Chronicles 2, maybe Rex with Pyra & Mythra.
Ehh… Sorry can’t think of many more right now. Sorry.
I’m thinking, like many others that Smash Bros will launch sometime in September, since it seems like Nintendo’s Online service will be up by then. Well see if it turns out to be true, I guess and hope we’ll know more at this years E3.

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