New Marvel VS Capcom Infinite trailer

Capcom has released a new trailer for their upcoming title
Marvel VS Capcom Infinite. The main antagonists are Ultron and Sigma who have fused and become Ultron Sigma! So original right?!
They should have put more than two seconds on the naming process.
Anywho… Mega Man X seems to have a bigger role in this game which I like very much. I’m not to hyped about fighting games, but I think I’ll get this one just for X and Sigma. X also has a Command Mission skin! :D

I think it looks good! I also laughed at the fact that Rocket Racoon asking X what he has killed with his X-buster. Why is it funny? Well since X at least in later games are a pacifist and don’t want to kill and fight, I just thought it was funny. =)
I will leave you with an image of the Command Mission skin, it looks fantastic! I wish we could get an HD-version of Command Mission or at least a PS2 to PS4 version.

I just love it! Will probably be the skin I’m going to use most on X. Would love if it they made a Version.Ke skin too. I’m so fond of that design too, but I guess we’ll see.

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