Fuck PhotoBucket

So Photobucket has decided to be a couple of fuckwits. Apparently you can’t share your photos from them anymore, not on websites/blogs/forums unless you pay them a nice lite fee. This shit tactic came from nowhere and without warning and if you want to be able to share your photos you need to pay the assholes $399 a year.
I say fuck that and fuck them! I wouldn’t have mind paying a REASONABLE fee, but asking $399 a year is just fucking bullshit. Get your heads out of your fucking asses Photobucket. Way to alienate your users, thank you so much for giving us the middle finger and more or less you are telling us to pay or go fuck ourselves if we want to share our images.
So right now none of the images I have on my posts are working and I have to find another host to get all my photos and images up on. All of them… It’s going to take quite a while. Does anyone have any suggestions for an image host?

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