Tales of Zestiria soon!

Not long now until Tales of Zestiria is released. Just a little more than three week left, gah! But it feels like half an eternity left. Time will probably fly by fast as always and before I know it it will be October 16h. It is my most anticipated game of the year, sure this year has been filled with great games. But the Tales of series is special too me.
And I’m also looking forward to Dragon Quest Heroes that is released the same day, going to be a JRPG feast for me. Yum, yum.

Well October is not only fun and games for me. I’m going to make a little operation, not going to go into what it is. Nothing dangerous (I hope) and I’m not doing it because of anything dangerous or something like that. It is just something to improve my quality of life.
So at least for a time I’ll be doing some other stuff in my work, can’t do my regular stuff for a while. But it’s going to be a nice relaxation to do something else. As long as I can work and don’t have to be home I’m pleased. =)

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  1. Two weeks left today, woo! It better arrive on the release day, I hate when games are released on fridays and you have to wait for the mail.

    Scary stuff, an operation is of course always scary even when it is a “safe” one like this. I have a suspicion what kind of operation it is and I really hope it goes well and helpes you!

  2. @ opkij:
    Hope ypu get it on release! Keeping my fingerscrossed. :)

    Well all I want to say it is not an GBP operarion. If that was what you where thinking. :)
    I believe in coming in form the good old way, through hard work. :)

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