Tales of Zestiria finished

Yesterday I beat the last boss of Tales of Zestiria and so the story comes to an end. I’ve spent about 45 hours with the game, in that time I’ve also done some sidequests. In my opinion it was time well spent and I had fun with the game. I have some sidequests left to do and I have to play Alisha’s story DLC, but for now I’m going to take a break from the game.

All in all it was an enjoyable game with a great gameplay, my biggest gripe with the game is the camera when you are in battle. Sometimes it has a life of it’s own and can sometimes the be the reason you loose a fight because it is so damn stupid. So I really hope they put some more time into the camera into the upcoming Tales of Berseria.
I wish we had gotten more back story on some of the characters, they set them up to be very interesting but in the end, nothing happens with that. And it’s a damn shame! I want to know what Lailah’s oath means, I want to know more about her. And I feel like that about all the characters, but then again I feel like this with most characters I like.

I really enjoy the fights that take place as soon as you touch an enemy, no more going to a separate battlefield. I hope they keep this one in the upcoming Tales of games, it’s one of my favorite additions to the series so far. The music is great in the game I hope Go Shiina can make more music for the Tales of games. His music in the element trails are some of the best in the game, it’s so different from anything else in the game. All in all a good game and one of my favorite games of the year, at least it didn’t disappoint me like some other games did. (I’m looking at you MGS5).

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  1. Congratulation, both on beating Zestiria and a very late birthday/ Zestiriaday, hehe. My sister stole the game so I still haven’t finished it but I will before Xenoblade X arrives, less than four weeks left, how can this beee!

    I am happy to hear that this wasn’t another “MGS5” for you, as I already wrote some of the new elements in the game are very welcome and hopefully stays, just fix that camera and we are happy. When the music in the fire trial started playing the game went up a few points instantly, hehe. But my favorite must be “Rising Up!” , go, Go Shiina!

  2. @ opkij:
    Hehe,thank you. So your sister enjoys Tales if games too? Cool. :)
    I agree the game went up a few points when I first entered the fire trail. Such wonderful music. He should be allowed to do another whole Tales of games music composing.

  3. Indeed she does, sadly she spends less and less time on RPGs but no one can resist a new Tales of after all! Go Shiina has proved himself more than worthy of doing another full soundtrack and I hope he gets to do it.

  4. Känns som jag har en bit kvar att spela. Är på jakt efter “the pope” och har kommit till den lila byn uppe i bergen. Tycker det är nu som spelet börjat växa och känns klart bättre.
    Brukar vanligtvis gilla lite långsamma inledningar men ToZ föll inte mig i smaken.
    Hur långt tror du jag har kommit? 1/3 ungefär? Spelat runt 13 timmar.

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