Some Dragon Quest titles

Today Square Enix had a livestream where they where going to announce their next mainline Dragon Quest game. And the announced game was Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that both versions find their ways overseas. Here is what they showed of the PlayStation 4 version.

From what I see the game looks fabulous! Can’t wait to see more and hopefully they’ll show combat next time. Here is the video shown for the Nintendo 3DS version.

Looks pretty promising too. I like the SNES inspired parts of the game, so I might just have to buy both if they release them in the west. They also announced that Dragon Quest X (the online game) is getting a PS4 port, so we’ll see if that makes it over. But according to “Verendus” of NeoGaf fame all Dragon Quest games announced for PlayStation 4 are coming over. Let’s hope his information is correct. I’ve been somewhat open in the past to what I think of MMO games, but if Dragon Quest X came over I’d be willing to try that.
Square Enix also showed a gameplay trailer for Dragon Quest Builders, that seems to be a Minecraft clone more or less, if my understanding is right. Never played Minecraft so I don’t really know, but it looks somewhat fun. A great time to be a Dragon Quest fan right now, Square Enix is giving the series a lot of love. Hopefully they’ll share that love with us in the west.

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  1. Hehe, Dragon Quest överallt, bara säga igen att det ser högst spännande ut med del XI. Jag hör också till dom tre, fyra personer som inte spelat Minecraft men testa Dragon Quest Builders skulle jag kunna tänka mig!

  2. @ opkij:
    Något intresse för Minecraft har aldrig funnits. Men så fort nu när DQ blev inblandat, så helt plötsligt är det intressant. Det som visats av Builders ser charmigt ut, tror man kan förlora sig ett par timmar i det. <3

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