Mega good time

I downloaded the Mega Man Legacy Collection for the PlayStation 4 last night, so I’ve been playing that all day. I’ve made my way through Mega Man 1-3.
All games I’ve beaten in the past, but it was fun returning to them, so it is going to be extra fun when I start playing Mega Man 4-6, since I’ve never played them before. Hopefully I like them too, but who knows. At least I’ll be going into those games with no knowledge of weaknesses or stuff like that.

Other than playing Mega Man games things have been pretty quite, not much has happened. Well there is a big thing that is happening in my life, something I will go deeper into later. Why not now? I feel like each time I talk about something good, before it has started something always comes in the way and screws with it. I’m not taking any chances now, but it will be something that is good for me and might possible lead me to actually try and go and visit friends that live far away from me. (No, I’m sadly not getting a drives license. But I wish I was.)
Well I won’t be able to spend money on stuff, for the upcoming future at least.

But it’s worth it. And I’m lucky I’ve used my local GameStops trade-in deals, to preorder all the stuff I wanted this year anyway. So I’m all set! I’m awaiting a DualShock 4 20th Anniversary edition, Tales of Zestiria, Dragon Quest Heroes and Transformers: Devastation. I’m set for the rest of the year.
And hopefully I’ll get Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, tomorrow in the mail. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I’ve also done some work on my site, mostly stuff you wouldn’t think twice about. Fixing old posts, that had missing pictures. Sadly couldn’t fix all since some photos I don’t have anymore. But everything under the hood of the site is more streamlined for me.

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  1. How exciting, I’m a friend AND live far away, hehe! It is a bit silly but I actually feel the same way and often avoid to talk about things before they happen…

    I won’t be buying the new Mega Man collection since I feel that the old PS2/GC version is good enough for me but I hope that you will get through the rest of the games too, all of them are fun even if it’s hard to tell them apart after a while.

    What a great feeling to be “all set” for the year too, just wait and the games will appear, ahhh.

  2. Om jag inte hade skaffat MegaMan- och X-samlingarna till PS2 nyligen hade det nog blivit ett köp nu.
    Har egentligen bra kört 2:an och 10:an och de gillade jag. Kändes inte så svåra heller. Har oftast inte tålamod för svåra plattformsspel.

    Transformers ser faktiskt riktigt bra ut. Gillar stilen och att de hämtat designen från originalserien känns ju guld värt :)

    Fick du MGS5 idag? Min kom inte :(
    Vet du förresten om man borde ha spelat Peace Walker + Ground Zero innan? Har kört MGS 1-4 men inte resten. Kanske får kolla nån recap på YouTube annars.

  3. @ JRPGeek:
    Yeah, har också MM och MMX samlingen till PS2 i hyllan, fast ingen moddad/us PS2 att spela dem på. =(
    Så därför fick det bli ett köp. =)

    Ja, herregud ja! Att det är baserat på original serien och IDW serietidningsversioner av orginalet är underbart. Tror jag kommer njuta rejält av det. :D

    Nä, men idag kom det äntligen! Blev lite sne då det stått skickat sedan i torsdags hos Webhallen. Men det kom på release dagen, så får vara glad för det.

  4. @ opkij:
    Hehe, yeah I actually thought about you and another friend Kntheking. Sure, I still need money to visit and it can be a problem. But the biggest thing keeping me away from people, will be fixed.
    So it’s not completely of the table, I still have my anxieties and as I said I still need the money. But when and if I get them, I’m probably coming for a visit. =)

    It feels great actually to be set for the year. There are more games I would want, but I won’t be able to afford them. Not right now at least, so I’ve picked the ones that felt most important to me. So naturally all JRPGs. =)

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