I’m going to move!

I’ve finally found an apartment I am going to move to! It about double the size of my current one and I’ll finally have a kitchen I can sit in. And most important of all, I will have a bedroom. No more having to share bedroom/kitchen/living room in the same room, finally some much needed space!
That also means I can start decorate the new apartment, those three years I’ve lived in my current one has felt like no one has really lived here.
I have had nothing on my walls, nothing in my windows, it has been very barren. Mostly because I took this apartment to settle down and move right away, things didn’t go like planed and I was stuck for three years. But now I can live! And it is going to show, I’m looking around for furniture and videogames posters to frame and hang on my walls. It is going to be so much better.

I’ll have access to the new apartment in February, so I’m really looking forward to that. Now I need to save all money I can, it’s not cheap moving. With all the costs that usually arise with moving, like transferring my internet provider to the new address and stuff like that. I’ve already packed down a bunch on games and stuff, no need for it to be up right now. Since I know I won’t have time to play them and I like to be well prepared. Even it it is three months in advance, I don’t want to deal with eventual stressfulness that can appear at that time. So I want things to be ready, I’m going to pack more in the coming weeks. And throw away old junk I don’t want to have anymore.

So I’m looking forward to this, for many reasons. One and the most important for me is space right now, I feel claustrophobic in my current apartment. And another reason is now it will be easier to have friends over. This is going to be great, at least I hope it will be.

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