Early birthday gifts!

Today is a day I’ve waited a long time for! Finally Tales of Zestiria is released and I have my copy of the game! But that is not all, today is even the release of Dragon Quest Heroes. I think I’m set for the foreseeable future right now.

This is an early birthday present to myself. No way I could wait another 11 days to play it on my birthday. Not to fix some quick things and then gaming is on the schedule for the entire weekend. Which suits me just fine, since I can to much else since my lite operation. I just have to take it easy and not move around too much, which is easier said than done.

4 responses on Early birthday gifts!

  1. You always get the best presents from yourself! I like the look of the box and I am glad that it is not oversized (like Xillia) this time. Sadly my copy didn’t arrive and I will have to wait a bit longer… You will just have to enjoy it for me too in the meantime!

  2. @ opkij:
    Well you’ve got to take care of yourself. And have some nicely deserved stuff. Guess the reason this is so small, is that you don’t get a big figure in the collection. Which is a bit of a shame, I liked the Milla figure from Xillia. Would have liked one with Sorey or Alisha in this collection, instead of the mini-figures.
    Hope it arrived Monday or so! I’ll enjoy it for you too, promise! =)

  3. Indeed, I would really like to see a Jude figure as well since both Milla and Ludger got one, they would all look nice together!
    Believe it or not, I got a mail saying that my copy had arrived! Mail from the post office at a saturday, that is new! Of course I rushed to get it and so far I have no complaints about the game, maybe a bit too many mini tutorials.

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