E3 2015: The show so far

Now that both Microsoft and Sony’s show is over, lets see what where some of the highlights for me. I liked Microsoft’s event this year, first time ever I think. They where focused and it felt like they finally knew what they where doing, a bunch of great announcements. The first gameplay of Rise of The Tomb Raider was awesome.
The Rare collection which includes 30 titles from Rare, that’s a lot of quality games you get there. They announced that Xbox One would become backwards compatible with Xbox 360 games, which probably was my biggest surprise and something I think is great. The Minecraft / Hololens demo was pretty fucking awesome I must say.

Sony re-revealed The Last Guardian, guess it wasn’t canceled. I for one don’t care for the game at all, but I know a lot of other folks do, so I’m happy for them. Creator of Shenmue, Yu Suzuki revealed a Kickstarter for Shenmue 3, never thought I’d see the day. But then they went and revealed something I never thought I would see ever and that was the remake of Final Fantasy VII. Yes, they are finally remaking that game. I’m not a FFVII fan, I liked the game sure, but it’s not my favorite and I liked Crisis Core more. But I still got very excited over this news. They showed a lot of stuff that doesn’t interest me as much, but we got to see the first gameplay of Uncharted 4 and it looked good.

And now for two things that was not show in any of the press events, PlatinumGames is making Transformers: Devastation and it looks awesome! Really looking forward to that.

And I just check my Twitter just a short while ago, to see them having announced that they are releasing the 20th anniversary DualShock 4 controller separately! This might not a very big deal, but damn I’m in love with that color and the colored Home button. It really gets the nostalgia in me flowing, I need this controller. I’m going to get this controller when it is released in September. I’ve also wanted a second controller for a while, so this will be my new main controller and the other will be Player 2 controller.

Some really great stuff and so far one of the better E3 in a while. And let’s not forget we still have Nintendo’s and Square Enix event to see later today. But right now I need some sleep.

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  1. Personligen var jag inte så imponerad av MS. Var nog mest Recore och framförallt Dark Souls 3 som intresserade. Möjligtvis rares nya piratspel men onlinedelen gör mig skeptisk.

    Sony släppte desto tyngre bomber.
    Har inte spelat de 2 första Shenmue-spelen men tycker det är kul att trean visades. Tänkte tom backa men kan inte hitta någon fysisk utgåva utöver PC-versionen. Hoppas de lägger till det annars hoppar jag nog.
    FF7 var nog det bästa E3 haft på länge!

    Inget Level 5 dock :(
    Fast å andra sidan har ju Square gett ut en del av deras titlar så de kanske dyker upp på deras konferens istället.

  2. @ JRPGeek:
    Hade ju hoppats de kunde släppt en remaster på båda Shenmue liren. Det hade ju hjälpt att folk fått spela alla spelen. Men det kommer kanske.
    Hoppas också de lägger till fysisk utgåva till PS4 annars får jag vänta, har så mycket annat på min köplista.

    FF7 var en grym utannonsering. Känner mig väldigt hajpad, nog första gången FF7 haft den effekten på mig måste jag säga. Men det ska bli intressant att se hur det kommer se ut.
    Trist med Level 5, men jag är samtidigt inte förvånad faktiskt. Får hoppas det visas på GamesCom istället.
    Ser verkligen fram emot vad Square Enix kommer visa idag, hoppas naturligtvis på att vi ska få se Star Ocean 5.

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