Tomorrow its time for Tales!

Tomorrow I’ll finally be able to pick up my copy of Tales of Hearts R. Really looking forward to play that game, it will most likely be my last JRPG of the year. So I really gotta make it count! The last one for the year has to be special. ;)
But then again, who knows if I’ll manage to finish of Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of The New World before the year ends. While I think its unlikely that I’ll jump on another JRPG after finishing another, you never know. Oh, right. As I was typing this it just came to my attention that Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD REMiX will be released soon too, so I’ll have to find time for that too. Hummm… Someone have some sparetime to give?

I’ve started playing Tomb Raider Definitive Edition for PS4. I played the original game before, but I had forgotten how fun I thought it was to play. Love hunting my enemies with a bow, mwhaha! It is my favorit weapon in the game.
I should go over and review the games I’ve played this year and see what title I’ll grown GOTY (Game Of The Year).
And I need to make a better list of some of the games I am looking forward to next year and I mean a better list than I have done in the past. So I hope I can start working on that too.

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