The Walking Dead, game and show

Lots of The Walking Dead on my mind right now. About two weeks ago, me and my buddy Elden finished watching season 3 of TWD. Only to watch finish watching half of season 4 last weekend, that was nice! And so much shit is going on, I really enjoy this show. Much more than I thought that I would and I’ve watched all seasons with Elden, it’s become our thing and it nice to watch a show with someone who appreciates its just as much (if not more) than you do. So before I’m going to watch the continuation of season 4, I’m going to wait until all episodes are out. I want to watch the rest in one go!

Don’t Dead, Open Inside. What the hell does that even mean!? (I love this joke, about the text)

I’ve also borrowed The Walking Dead game from Elden, going to start on chapter 4 tomorrow. Enjoying it very much so far, I never thought making choices would be so hard. I have gotten pissed at characters in the Tv-show for certain choices they’ve had to make, I thought they where stupid. Heh. I’ve found myself making the same kind of stupid choices in the game, so that was interesting. Either way, the game is really good and I am absolutely going to replay this in the future. Not much left to play of the game, but I am already looking forward to the sequel game. But since I’m not into episodic games that much, I won’t play it until all episodes are released. Preferably on a disc as soon as possible.

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