Tales of Xillia 2 and stuff

So its been a while since I posted anything. A shame for me since it feels like it’s growing longer between posts, it’s not like I don’t have stuff to write about. But I just don’t get around to it and as I’ve mentioned before on this blog, I write for me. If I write some gibberish or whatever it’s because I need to get that out of my system and if some of you can find something good/funny/ or other stuff in that it makes me happy. =)

And as you see above, I picked up my copy of Tales of Xillia 2 last Friday (22/8). I have just passed about 18h in the game and I’m at level 30 and I’m having a blast so far. Still to early to say if the whole game will be fun, but I’m normally not dissatisfied with the Tales of games. And today I’ve preordered Tales of Hearts R for the PlayStation Vita, I am hoping an crossing my fingers that it will be playable on the PlayStation TV. I’ve got nothing against handhelds, but I can’t sit down with a game and relax the same anymore if it’s on a handheld. You can think what you will, but I’m the one who is missing a ton of great games because of this. =/

I’m also happy because I’ve been able to upgrade my old mobile phone. It was slow and crashed and was ready to die and I’m very dependent on my phone in work, that’s where I keep track of everything I’m planing and stuff like that. So I had to bite the bullet and it put me in the red, but I got a Nexus 5 and I’m very happy with it! I can take better photos, way, way better than my old phone! And I have the need for that to in work, when I have to report some stuff to the bossed. Like and accident or destruction of property we take photos of that. Well enough of that, I’m just so freaking happy to have a phone from the this age.

About one and a half week ago, me and Elden had a barbecue at his place. OMG! It was so damn good! We had ribs, which I must say was the most disappointing of the bunch of meat we had. Then we had tenderloin I think, its called in English. It was some of the best meat I’ve eaten in ages. And I brought a steak that also grilled. Man it was so good! Hope to do that again soon and we watched Mrs.Doubtfire in honor of Robin Williams. It was a really good day and a very stress free day, I really needed that because I was starting to go to a darker place myself. Having not been feeling well and other problems eating away at me and my depression going back and forth like a damn swing. So yeah, that was a great day and it helped me greatly.

So yeah, happy as can be and I’m starting to feel a bit better too. I’ve had a little mini-vacation from work now. But I’m only free one more day, then Thursday it’s back to business. But I’ve had the chance to recharge a bit and do what I wanted, so it feels better. But it is still going to take a while before I’m filled with my usually energy again. At least I hope so, because having to much energy is hard too and it’s much easier to deal with when you to tired to do anything. ;)

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