Some of the big stuff in May

May was a pretty boring month all in all. Sure there was the release of Watch_Dogs that was much bigger than I thought it would be. And I don’t think I was alone in being surprised with how well it sold, but congrats to Ubisoft for that. Still need to play some more of that game, good think I have a three day weekend this week!
Yeah, Drakengard 3 also got its release. I imported the US version, since I wanted a physical copy of the game. A shame Square Enix decided to do digital only in Europe. But I’m really looking forward to take on that game too, since I really enjoyed Nier I have some expectations from this game.

I also went to the cinema and watched X-men Days of Future Past. What a great movie! I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did or rather that it would be so liked by so many others! I’m a sucker for comicbook movies, but it doesn’t seem like a lot of people like them. Avengers doesn’t count! ;)
Wish I could have gone and seen Godzilla too, I need to have Godzilla 98 erased from my head, that was such a disappointing cinema visit for my 15year old self. They own me a good Godzilla movie in a cinema!

Above are the games I got in May. The Nintendo games where dirty cheap, since a place where I live was selling out a bunch of stuff since they where downsizing. The PlayStation 4 games I’ve payed next to nothing for, since I’ve used preorder deals and whatnot to get as cheap as possible. You need to be able to catch good deals, when you have a really tight budget. I think everything here cost me about 800SEK, so I’m pretty pleased with that. Sure I’ve payed some money for the games I traded in, but they had a good trade in value, that’s why I didn’t pay much more in the end. So yeah, pretty pleased with that haul.

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