Marathon of the dead

So the weekend came and went by and I’ve finally seen the first half of season 5 of The Walking Dead. Man I really enjoy that show! The hours just flew by! Me and my friend marathon-ed it, like we’ve done with the past seasons. Now we just have to wait until the shows starts again, but man it is getting interesting. Don’t worry, I will not spoil anything for those of you who haven’t watched it. I don’t do stuff like that, it is fucking evil. I heard AMC spoiled the season ending on their own facebook, what a bunch of idiots… Oh, well.
Before we started out TWD marathon, we had hot-smoked salmon and potatoes, something I don’t eat very often. But man it is good, so good!

We also watched the keynote of the PlayStation Experience. Some good stuff there, Uncharted 4 looking really great. The Order 1886 is a bit interesting and Square Enix announcing the PC-version of Final Fantasy VII coming to PlayStation 4. Street Fighter V being a PS4 and PC exclusive, might be good for those who enjoy fighting games, I personally don’t care very much about it.
I think one of the best announcements for me was that Shovel Knight is coming to Sony’s platforms. And that they actually showed the PlayStation Vita some love. Bringing Yakuza 5 to the west, will please a lot of people. I’ve never played the games myself. All in all it was a pretty good show, but I was actually hoping for a bit more. Perhaps could have shown some unannounced JRPG or something…

With all that behind me, I can finally relax with two extra days of from work. I’ll need it since I’ll be working this upcoming weekend too… But it pays good and I really need the extra cash for January, AKA worst month of the year. I’m going to concentrate on playing more Tales of Hearts R today and if I beat the game today or tomorrow I am finally going to try Grand Theft Auto V. Heard a lot of good stuff about the game, but I’m not a GTA fan. But from what I’ve seen the game speaks to me, so I’m looking forward to see if I’ll like it. Really should try to finish Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition too, even if I played the original on PlayStation 3. Still I don’t like having games in my backlog. Thankfully I don’t have a very big backlog, but I wish I had more time to actually remove some of the games from that backlog. Hopefully I can get some vacation time around easter, so I can relax and just keep gaming. <3

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