I long for some retro gaming

For some time now I haven’t been that much into my games, I just don’t feel like playing. Well that’s not entirely true, I do want to game. But I miss the time of the NES and SNES, I’m really craving some retro gaming. And just not gaming, I want to collect games. I want to get a hold of an old NES and SNES and then start to collect all the games I love. Don’t get me wrong I love the new games that are coming out and we are getting a ton of good games.

But I think I’ve grown a bit tired of all the modern games. I want more of the fun games I played in the past, the ones with couch co-op. I miss playing Turtles in Time with my best buddy, the fun we had in Mario Kart. Sure Mario Kart is still alive and kicking. But there is something special about the original version for me. I miss old school gaming, I have so many fond memories of it. I guess that’s what’s happening now, I’m remembering those happy times and I really, really want to play the good old games.
We’ll see If I can start collecting a bit of retro stuff later, if you have any tips where to start and what cheap please drop me a line.

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