Gaming Sunday

Today has been a really great day, I’ve done absolutely nothing but playing games. It has been a really lazy Sunday and I love it!!
I’ve had a real hard time putting Tales of Xillia 2 down, I’ve done tons of sidequests and i’m almost addicted to them. XD
Playing poker in TOX2 was pretty fun too and I usually suck at those kind of games. Doing character quests are fun and I love learning more about the characters of the game.

I’m trying to max out some of the characters affection for Ludger too. I’m almost done with the first one and I’m about 40hours in. I really hope the others go much faster. I’m thinking of taking the platinum trophy in this since I have it in the first game. I would love to have the trophies in Tales of Symphonia Chronicles HD too, but they take to much time. But who knows? One day perhaps. The only reason I  are about trophies for the Tales of games are I love showing I’ve finished all the challanges of the game.

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