Time for Kingdom Hearts in HD!

It’s finally time to revisit the world that is Kingdom Hearts, perhaps I more correctly should say worlds. Either way… It is time to dive into Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX! I have been looking forward to play the Final Mix version of Kingdom Hearts 1 for a while, so I’m pretty happy I can do that now. This is also an ultimate test for me, to see if Kingdom Hearts is still as enjoyable today as it was ten years ago. So I’ll probably get back to this later. =)

And I have also bought another game, I got it dirty cheap. Tales of Rebirth for PlayStation 2. A shame it never got an official English translation. But I want the game in my collection, hopefully I can sniff out the other Japan only Tales of games and get then in my collection. Sooner or later at least and I’ll probably only get the PlayStation 2 games.

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