This damn luck…

As always I’ve been working… So it so nice to have tomorrow and Monday off. Really been looking forward to be able to sleep in and not have to go up at four in the morning. I’m already tired as hell, tired for many reasons…

Lately a bunch of shitty stuff has been happening. I’m not planing to go into detail on any of the stuff, I’m mearly saying this so people know that I am in a bad mood and don’t feel well. And right now I want to be left alone.
And to those asking about my PSN, it fucked up. I’ve lost people on my friendslist but I can’t add them again. I can’t add anyone… Fucking shit.
Well somethings happened there, so it could be because of that. I don’t really know and right now I don’t really care.

For now I just want my own time, I need to figure some stuff out and see if I should continue doing other stuff. Yeah, this post was actually never ment to say what was bothering me. Just letting people know I am not feeling well for various reasons.
Typing on my mobile so there are probably a bunch of spelling misstakes.

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