The ups and downs…

For the last two days I have not been feeling well. An even now I am feeling down, it happens when I am alone… And especially when I am waiting for something, like I am waiting for Tales of Xillia to get released…

You can think what the hell you want, I for one aren’t enjoying this. I hate that I can’t control this. I hate that a simple thing as waiting for highly anticipated game can bring me down like this. And when this spiral of emotions start to spin, the bad stuff from the past comes back. I just wish more of my friends could try to understand how much stuff like this really effects me. But some of them don’t seem to give a flying fuck or try to understand.

Ugh. Well on one better bit my friend ZX-Omega and I went to Åhus to eat ice cream yesterday (Tuesday). I really needed to get out and away from myself. I am so thankful to you for that. Sometimes I feel like you are the only one who does get me or at least tries. Thank you for being there.

Today (Wednesday) was a somewhat better day. Not a super good one, but better. And I hope it will only get better from here. Sorry for all the damn rambling. I just needed to get those thoughts out of my head. Next post will be a more happy one..

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2 responses on The ups and downs…

  1. Be inte om ursäkt för vad du skriver, Du skriver för DIG och inte för läsare. Sorry att jag inte bor närmare dig dood.

  2. @ Kristoffer:
    Jo, det är ju sant. Absolut.
    Yeah, det hade varit riktigt skönt om man bott närmare. Så mycket annat man kunde gjort. Men tack dood. Det värmer. Uppskattas.

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