Tales of Xillia official trailer released

Gamespot has put up a new trailer of Tales of Xillia, so I wanted to share it with people here. God I am so hyped for this game! Just two months away until I can play this game, I am getting really hyped now! So much that I started playing Tales of Graces f again and took a few more trophies in it. Hehe, might go for the platinum trophy. ;)

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  1. Oh yeah.. Myself im trying to take a few more in Ni No Kuni and I might go for the platinum also, its such a big grind. Seems like Xillia has easier trophies wich is a good thing. :)

  2. @ Kristoffer:
    Yeah, one can hope so. I’ll see if I decide to platinum Ni no Kuni one day, right now I don’t think so. But I am going for the platinum in Tales of Graces f, so much grinding there too… But I am soon there.. Just a little more and I have it! =)

  3. @ Kristoffer:
    Runt 110 tror jag tiden stod på sist jag kollade.
    Värsta av allt var ju att man ska klara sista bossen på alla svårighetsgrader. Tog sin lilla tid och sedan ska man besegra vissa bossar under 60 sekunder. Så man har ju lite att göra om man satsar på platinum.

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