Start of July and what I’m doing

So we enter month seven of 2013. Just a little more than a month left until Tales of Xillia is released, I am so looking forward that! And about 20days left until my vacation starts, its going to be so nice to take it easy for three weeks.
But right now I’m not feeling so well, my stomache is acting up.

Thanks to “Skånekortet” I can travel around Skåne by bus and train. So this upcoming weekend me and a couple of friends are going to Skånes djurpark, I’m looking forward to that. Its been an eternity since Iast visited a zoo.
A shame I don’t have much money, since I was invited to a friend who lives far away. He has offered to pay for half the tickets, but I can’t accept that.
I don’t want to borrow/loan money from people. I appreciate it, but it wouldn’t feel good for me.
So I hope we can meet in the future.

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