Ni no Kuni is here!

It arrived today, just like I hoped it would!! Woohoo! Installing the game data right now and I’ll precoded to make some breakfast, haven’t eaten a thing yet today. Now it’s going to be real interesting to see what I think about this game, I’ve waited so long for this.

I am feeling somewhat better today, so it’s back to work tomorrow. And then I can spend the entire weekend with Ni no Kuni. But now I am off to play!

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  1. Lucky!
    I got mine after 3 PM on Friday, and only got to play one hour before it was time to go and meet some friends. But, on the plus side I’ve played almost every waking hour this weekend. So far I’m up to about 20 hours. It could be more, but we’re still moving in and I had to help with some stuff today. Also, you gotta eat too. ;)

    Friday night I stayed up to 3.30 AM playing… O_o Yesterday was a little better, only about 2.30 AM, but today, I shut my PS3 off just now, at 3 AM. And I gotta get an early start tomorrow… er, today. -_- But no, I won’t feel bad about this. I haven’t been able non-stop like this in over 6 months, I deserve this! Also, the game is so good it is terribly hard to quit while you’re at it. XD

  2. Err, it was supposed to say “haven’t been able TO GAME non-stop…” but apparently those words fell away. I guess I’m tired, and rightly so! :P

  3. @ Lania:
    Haha! I’m glad yo hear that you been non-stopping this game!! =D
    I did that too the first day, then a bunch of other stuff got in the way. >.< But as you said, it is hard to put away when you get into it. =)

  4. @ Micke:
    Yup, feels great to have been gaming so much these last three days, although I didn’t get to game all that I wanted yesterday, because I had to fix certain things.
    I keep hearing the music in my head and I think about all the quests and other things I have to do. ^^ So much fun. How many hours have you played so far?

  5. @ Lania:
    I think I’m about 12hours in so far. Didn’t get the chance to play much yesterday. Just 30minutes or so. I have so many other things that need to be done. >.< Well at least this weekend will be all about gaming, nothing else planed, nothing booked. Just 3 full days of gaming from morning to night. :D

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