Ni no Kuni, a great RPG!

And so I’ve rescued the world of Ni no Kuni, just beat the game and it was really nice.
A really nice adventure and a good game. Without a doubt my favorite Level-5 game.
Namco Bandai has done a great job with the localization and I love the English/British voice actors. It had great characters like the Shadar, I really liked him! He was a really cool bad guy, that felt somewhat original. Maybe not much, but he felt like a really great villain, compared to many others in games. And he has such a damn cool voice!
And the lord high lord of the fairies, Drippy! He is a great character and his dialect is great. Even if I have a hard time understanding what he is saying at times. I love his “Abraca-frickin’-dabra!

Good big classic world map, a pretty good fight system, really good music. If I have to give one complaint right now, I think I’ll say it was a bit too easy. I never really had to set any strategies in a fight, just press “X” and change characters to heal from time to time. I’m not saying it’s super easy, I’ve had some hard fights in the game. Even if they are few, but after a while did stopped being challenging. And I’m not a really big fan of several boss fights after one another. I really hated than in White Knight Chronicles 2, so glad Level-5 made this game so much better than WKC2. Because I wanted to throw the controller out of the window because of that damn game sometimes. Guess, I’ll never finish that game.

Ni no Kuni really is such a great game and if you have a PS3 and want a good JRPG, get this one. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. I know I wasn’t, so 2013 as a game year has started really good. Hope the rest of the year is equally good and hope that Tales of Xillia can be released soon!

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  1. For me its not the best Level 5 game, DQVIII takes the cake there. But it sure is a damn good game. How many hours did you clock in at and did you do alot of the sidestuff yet?

    I beat it myself 2 days ago and it took me 57 hours to get there. I love the multiple bossfights, as Desco in D4 would say, a final boss has gotta have at least 3 forms and thats what both Shadar and Cassiopeia had. ^^

  2. Now im gonna play The Last Story. I used to only have the PAL version but since I have a NTSC Wii U i borrowed the game in NTSC format so I can play it in full 1080p resolution. Gonna be a blast. :)

  3. @ Kristoffer:
    I’d like to say DQVIII too, but since I haven’t played it fully I can’t. I really hope that I can find the time or take the time that is needed to play DQVIII from begining to the end sometime.
    I clocked at about 34hours, didn’t do many sidequests. I mostly pushed forward because I wanted to know what was happening. And yeah, so I pressed on pretty well. Powerleveled at some points, that helped me tremendously with the time being so short.
    I did a few sidequests here and there, I don’t think I rushed anything either. I’ll have to take on the sidequests and stuff later.

    Of multiple lastboss fights are a given and I’ve got nothing against those. And the multiple boss fights aren’t that bad in NNK. Just because it’s Level-5 it got me thinking about White Knight Chronicles 2, where I hate the multiple boss fight with a passion.
    Since they are so goddamn stupid, if you have a quest character with you and he dies. You have to redo everything. You don’t get a chance to heal or shit, and they are usually worthless and have a tendency to get themselves killed. -.-

    Hope you like the Last Story, also hoping I can play both that and Xenoblade Chronicles in the future.

  4. @ Micke:

    Wow dood, thats an impressive time for sure, I almost everything but not all of it, gonna do some trophy farming I think after im done with TLS, Xenoblade and the new Fire Emblem, so that’s gonna take me a while. :)

  5. @ Kristoffer:
    It sure is! But then again. When you are done with all of those, you’ll have new energy for NNK. =)
    I think I’ve personally have lost all interest in trophies, but then again you never know when you get real bored and try to get them all. I was/is on good ways to get everything in Tales of Graces f. Just need a hell of a lot time to finish it all.

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