My throat hurts, I’m cold! Get me a blanket!

So I’ve gone and caught a cold. My nose is runny, my throat hurts like hell and I loose my voice from time to time. But I’ll survive this too, even if it feels a bit like dying. Haha, naa not really. But I don’t have much energy and I hope the coughing can stop, it just hurts the throat even more.
Sadly I can’t spare any time being home, since I loose to much money on being home from work. So I’ll just have to tough it out until I get better.

I’ve posted my review on Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness now, so head over to PSSverige to check it out! Its in Swedish as always. Hoping I’ll be able to get Batman: Arkham Origins later this month. Thinking of getting it as a birthday gift to myself, my birthday is on the 27th October. Two days after Batman is released, so why not?
And for those wondering I am turning the big tree zero! Not that I really care or that it’ll change me. :)

But the biggest gift I am giving myself, both birthday and Christmas is the PlayStation 4. Its only about 46 days left until it is released here in Sweden. Really looking forward to it, I am getting Knack and probably Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag for it. But I am very interested in the LEGO Marvel game, it looks like real fun in co-op mode.

We’ll now I am going to try and get some more rest and hopefully feel better tomorrow. Gotta get better for next week a bunch of stuff happening then, I’m going to Lund for two daya and extend my knowledge to teach people the work I do. Well more about that at a later time perhaps. G’nite all!

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