More Zelda, much more

Been playing a whole lot of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword again. Mostly since I had some time to spend with my friend whom I play it together with.
I’m not sure what I think about this game… It’s good, but I’m not sure I’ve had much fun with it. Well not entirely true either, there are some parts I’m not enjoying so much. There is a bit too much use of the motion controller, yes I do know why. But I still wish we could have gotten an option to use the pro controller and skip all the motion stuff.
If the next Zelda game will have motion controls I sure hope they are better and not

And I can’t say that I think the music is very memorable, since I can’t even remember the slightest tune from the game. It’s not bad in any way, just not as good as past games in my opinion. Still I’m driven to continue playing this game, since I really enjoy the whole Link rescues his loved one, I enjoy seeing the feelings Link and Zelda share. And would have loved if the’ve gone further with it. Well I don’t know how it ends so maybe I’ll get my wish.
I most replay A Link To The Past, again some day. It’s my favourite amongst the Zelda games, I’ll never grow tired of that game.

After we’re done with Skyward Sword we’ll go ahead and play through Twillight Princess. Looking forward to that too. But tomorrow I think I am going to start playing Mario Galaxy, I must try that game. I am very eager to see what I’ll think about that game. I was playing
Tales of Symphonia 2 before, but I am having trouble getting into the game. And besides, I’m eagerly awaiting Ni no Kuni for PS3 later this month so no more rpgs until then.
And for those of you who care, yes I’m feeling slightly better than I did when I made my last post. And in the future my “games I’ve beaten” section will be split into multiple pages sine both the Sony and Nintendo parts of that list is getting big. See ya next time!

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