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So I was watching the new Nintendo Direct today, I had totally forgotten it was today. So I saw it by chance and boy I’m glad I did! There where quite a few tidbits that interested me in Wii U. Sadly for me since I had a lot of problems with “Försäkringskassan” I didn’t get the money I was supposed to get, so I had to return the Wii U I had. Such a damn shame, but I’ll get a new one in the future. I had been away from work some time, I was sick and FK gives you some compensation for that, well they messed up my papers and things went like they did..

Well on too the important part, Nintendo announced that they would release The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD later this year. I’m very interested in that since I’ve just played minimal of the original. So for me that is great news! And that they are working on the new Zelda game for Wii U, looking forward to that too. We will probably see something or get teased at E3 this year. But that’s not the thing that go my attention oh, no. It was Monolith Software’s (Xenosaga, Xenoblade) new game. For now just called “X”.

I love just about everything I see. When I saw the mech part I immediately thought of Xenogears and Xenosaga. So I’m very hopefully for this and it reminded me that I have to play Xenoblade Chronicles soon! So far we no nothing about the game, not its name or anything just the X-logo in the end of the video, hence why I call it “X” right now. Duh!
But it will be interesting to see if this is a new game of if it could be Xenoblade 2, either way I am so getting this game.

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  1. Alltså, den där teasern river hål i mitt hjärta. Jag vill ha det där spelet NU. Inte 2013, inte 2014, NU. Det ser fullkomligt fantastiskt ut! Striderna, storleken på fienderna, alla vidsträckta vyer och… GEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!! Får mig nästan att gråta en skvätt, så glad blev jag när den överraskningen kom och OM de inte tar hit det till Europa så måste jag strypa någon. VILL HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. @ Micke:
    Bara den där korta videon gav mig enorma lyckokänslor. :’) Men så blir man lite depp över att det är lång tid kvar. Men under tiden kommer det ju annat bra. Och man kan ju också fortsätta hoppas på Bravely Default…

  3. @ Lania:
    Jo, den känslan vet jag allt för väl. Men så länge det kommer, så får man ju ta att det tar lite tid innan det kommer hit. Skulle bli väldigt besviken om Nintendo inte släpper det i Europa.
    Mm, får hålla tummarna för Braverly Default också.

  4. Yeah… That was a pain. Hopefully within a few months I can get one again. Gotta start saving for the new Playstation too, so it might take longer. But then more games will probably be out.

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