Miracle of Sound: ROLL OUT!!

So while surfing around and looking for stuff on YouTube, I came across a musician that calls himself “Miracle of Sound. He makes music that is related to TV-shows, games and movies. The first thing I heard with them/him where “Joker’s Song“. I really, really enjoyed that. And I decided to check out their other stuff and I found something they made with Transformers.
And I feel in love with that, I love the music in this. Even if the lyric isn’t all that, the music in itself is so good. I could listen to an instrumental of this all day, but I decided to share the video with you. So check them out and check out their other stuff, you might find something you like.
Or not. Who knows? I can’t stop listening to this song. <3

The Autobots are hunted by the cruel Decepticons. The slaughter is directed by the evil Megatron!
This metal robot-Stalin only has one equal foe… So ready up your battle cry, its time to let them know!
Autobots… transform… ROLL OUT!!

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