Just one more week…

And now it’s just one week left until the PlayStation 4 is released in Europe! So glad my local store is having a midnight launch, so in one week and a few hours I’ll have my PS4! I’m starting to feel really hyped and I think I won’t get much sleep next week because of this!
As soon as I get home later that night, I’ll get some pictures up. At least I hope I’ll be able too do it, so I don’t pass out because I’m too tired. But I’ll try to get something up, if nothing else I’m sure I’ll upload some photos unto my twitter account when I’m in the store.

I’m just working and working right now, so I don’t have time for much else. And when I do, I want to spend it with stuff I love and enjoy. So we’ll see how some things go, maybe I’ll have to drop some of them entirely. Just so I can stop thinking about them and don’t have to feel so bad about not being able to contribute.
I’ll try to make a new “game I’m looking forward to” post soon, gotta get that out of me.

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