I want mail!

I’ve been feeling really sick since Monday. So I have been home from work, I don’t like that. I want to work and not be at home. Well, sure I want to be home but not when I can earn money. But not much I can do about this damn cold, I just hope I can feel well enough to work again on thursday. Right now I am having trouble sleeping, since I keep coughing.
I hate it so much and the cough medicine tastes horrible… Yuck!

I am hoping the postman will bring something good in the mail today. He will probably not arrive for another 12 hours or so. But I sure hope I get my copy of Ni no Kuni today! Since it has been marked as shipped from where I ordered it, so I really, really hope I’ll get it today. I will post again in a few hours if I get the game.

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