Batman is beaten! And the game was…

… Really good actually! I was a bit worried when Rocksteady wouldn’t be developing Batman: Arkham Origins, but it turned out pretty good! Even if I’ve had my share of bugs and that I could have done without. Some bugs made it impossible to continue, I had to exit the game and then go back into it again for it to be possible to progress through the game. Sure, it’s not that bad. But come on! I shouldn’t have to reset the game for it to work. =/

Well the game is great and both Batman and the Joker‘s new voice actors do a great job! Troy Baker who voices the Joker is scary! He does such a good job at times, that I had a hard time telling that it wasn’t Mark Hamill that voiced him! He is great the other times too, but some times he is just as I said scary.
I love how they did with Bane in this game, he is smart, powerful and great! A shame he isn’t this good IMO in the other two Arkham games. But this is so far without a doubt my favorite version of Bane.

All in all Batman: Arkham Origins is a good game and I think you should play it if you liked the other two Arkham games. If you didn’t know this is a prequel and takes place before both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. This became my 94th beaten PlayStation 3 game and my 23rd beaten game this year. Only six more games to beat my goal of having played and beaten 100 PlayStation 3 games! Well I’ve played well over a 100 games, but I only count them I beat. And now we are roughly two weeks away from the PlayStation 4 release here in Sweden! I’m getting hyped and pumped! So looking forward to try the DualShock 4. Hope these two weeks go by in a flash!

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  1. Hoppas verkligen att du får en maskin som håller nu efter skit man hört om att dom går sönder efter några timmar. Vore ju inte så kul du som haft otur förr :(

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