Anime shows I’m watching now #1

I watch a lot of anime, I watch every chance I get. And now that I am home and sick, I can finally get around to watch of the winter seasons anime shows. Here are some that I liked particular for various reasons, I’ll give a good explanation of some. Other I’ll just rant a bit on the story, so its doesn’t follow some pattern here. But I’m watching them since I like them. =)


This is probably the craziest show of the season. From the team that gave us Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Panty & Stockings. They have a very unique animation style and I can’t help but to like it. Here is the simple breakdown of the show, Ryuko a girl with one half of a giant scissor is looking for her fathers killer. The killer should have the other half of the giant scissor. She comes to a school where the the high-ranking students have clothes that give them superhuman powers. Her scissor is the only thing that can cut through these special clothes. Later she finds her own powerful clothes, but the clothes are alive and has a personality. It was made by Ryuko’s father. This was a very crude breakdown of the show, go watch it! It is funny and the animation is great and really special, just like all the stuff this team makes.

Machine-Doll wa Kizutsukanai

Raishin, a man seeking revenge for the death of his childhood friend, most people in this world seems to be able to control a “puppet”, automaton or rather machine-doll or what you’ll like to call it. Not only that but he want to learn magic and become a great wizard, so he can get money, power and fame. But for what reason? Only for revenge? Hmm… Raishin’s doll is called Yaya and is the spitting image of his childhood friend. Its also apparently rare for dolls to look so much like humans, so we’ll see how Yaya impacts the story. I think it’s a pretty good mix of humor (not so much, action and a bit of pervertedness. Yaya wants Raishin hard! I fell for the series immediately, I didn’t think I would but I’m liking it so far. Oh, right maybe because its fantasy mixed pretty well with some modern stuff…

BlazBlue: Alter Memory

An anime based on the hit fighting game-series BlazBlue! I just needed to watch this, even if I’m not very interested in playing the games. The story and characters have always interested me and I love Daisuke Ishiwatari music, even if I think his Guilty Gear music is better. But I’m glad they are using the games music in the anime, it sound a bit remixed though. Not really sure what to think after the first episode, I felt pretty confused, but I got to see much of Noel so I’m happy. It wasn’t crap for me at least so I’ll continue to watch and see what happens.

Infinite Stratos 2

Well of course I needed a harem anime too and Infinite Stratos 2 fills that part pretty good. As the “two” implies this is a sequel. It starts Ichika a typical doesn’t get that girls love him anime guy and he is surrounded by girls. In fact girls are the only ones which can use “IS” a sort of mecha armor, but for some reason Ichika is the only male in the world who can use it. So he is in an all girls school, where he meets childhood friends and all that typical. You get really pissed at a guy like him, how the hell can a guy be so damn oblivious. I would love to be in his situation. I also have my favorite girl, Charlotte. I’d would spend all my time with her and make it clear that I liked her, if I was in Ichika’s situation. At least I’m not that goddamn oblivious. Pretty decent show, with some funny segments.

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