No internet = creative

So I’ve been without internet for just about the entire goddamn day! Just got it back about two hours ago, fucking shit. It’s been gone since 05,00 in the morning and now at 19,30 we get it back. Damn shit! But one good thing came out of it and that was I finished up a few of my old pictures lying around on my computer. Some for me only and hopefully a few I’ll upload to DeviantArt later. I’m done with my Natsumi from Keroro Gunsou now at least. In her nice swimsuit, rawr! Don’t worry it’s her adult version, so don’t get yer panties in a bunch!

Just click on the image and you’ll be taken to DeviantArt where you can get a bigger version of the picture, if you like. So check it out it you want to and by all means comment on the picture if you feel like it. That’s just appreciated, very much so.

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