Look at that. I’ve got glasses.

So it seems like I finally needed some spectacles, my sight isn’t that bad but it seemed like it was time for it. With my glasses I don’t have to overwork my eyes, which I’ve seem to done. I know see things from a distance with more sharpness and less blurriness, so that’s pretty nice!

So far it feels pretty weird, a bit strange. But I guess that’s natural in order to adapt and get used to the glasses. I like then at least and that’s good. Now my nerdiness is complete! Whaha!! Or would have been if you believed children when I was young saying only nerds had glasses.

I really do hope this will put less strains on the eyes and I’ll have less headaches, it probably will. Now I’m probably never going to see another 3D movie at the cinema, I’m not much for the wearing glasses over glasses (Yo, dawg!) thing. Well enough rambling for this time, hoping I can post a few funny Woody pictures (what are you thinking!?!) next time. Till then take care mates!

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