Hope I get all the parts

Yeah, I sure do hope I get all the parts! I’m going to Ikea today, I think it’s the first time since I was little I’m actually going there… I’ve been wanting some new stuff for my new life and my new apartment, so I’m hoping I’ll find something there. I’m going there with two wonderful friends from work, so we are going to have a blast. At least a new kitchen table, they weren’t very expensive there. We’ll just have to see what I find, but I think I’ll find some good stuff.
It’s getting closer and closer, for my move to the new apartment. I’m looking forward to it, I really don’t like where I live now. So it’s going to be very relaxing to be able to move away from here. Hopefully it’s one of those things that will help me feel good again, and not as depressed or sick. I would very much be able to feel that I’m healthy, something I think I haven’t felt in years.
Then again I might never have been healthy or felt good in my life, but that’s why I’m hoping that starting a new life will help. Leave the past that torments me so much, behind me.

Well enough of the doom and gloom now. I’ve got that out of my system for now, now I gotta get ready. I’m leaving in about an hour, so I’ll see if I post back later tonight with my catch of the day. Take care everyone!
Oh right! And after this trip is over for the day, we’ve been invited to another one of my close work friends for dinner. So that it going to be fun too, I’ve never really done stuff like this before. Going out with people that is. Only the ones I’ve known for years, so it feel pretty good actually.

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