Goodbye 2012! Hello 2013!

The end of the year is upon us, just a few hours left of this year. 2012 has given me some good times, but also some really bad times I would have rather not endured. But I guess that’s life…
But now is the time to look forward, to hope that 2013 will turn out better than the past years. And that I can keep moving forward and not revert to my former self. I kind of like myself right now, I’ve never done that before. I’ve always hated myself for some reasons, but I seem to have overcome those thoughts. Or at least they aren’t as apparent as they’ve used to be, which is great and feels great.

Not going to keep you much longer, I just hope everyone has a really good happy new year. And next year will be great to all people who read my site. I really appreciate it and I hope you would comment a bit more. ;) But still, I have this site to help me left of steam, get rid of dark thoughts and such. Basically a diary if you will and to preserve some fun memories for the future. I enjoy coming back and reading old posts and go “Damn! That was so long ago?” it’s pretty amusing. We’ll I leave 2012 now with some photos of some pictures below! (Yo, dawg!)

And I’m having a great time with Miiverse, Nintendo own forum like service for the Wii U. I just love watching peoples artwork. Some people are so amazing, they can do really great stuff while having to use such a small area to draw on. And yesterday or rather earlier this morning I found these two hotties of Princess Peach. Yeah, they are over sexualizing here but I just they they are great artworks and they are hot. If you have a Wii U and like what you see, follow the artist you can see her name in my photos.

This is not all that is posted, there are some people who make really incredible stuff. Which I’ll probably take photos of in the future and share here. I just chose these picture of their sexiness or at least I think they are sexy, a bit smaller on the boob size would be nice thought. A little to big for both the character and my own tastes. Starting to sound like a real perv now. XD

4 responses on Goodbye 2012! Hello 2013!

  1. Can’t wait to get a hold of my own Wii U, Miiverse sounds like a lot of fun. :)
    And I miss having fun with games. All I’ve been gaming the past weeks is Triple Town on my HTC. ;P Nothing bad with smartphone games, but I really, really miss the “good old days” when I could stay up late and game the night away.
    Yep, I’m gonna try to game more this year, but of course it’s hard now that I’ll have an ever bigger home to tend to. :P But I’ll do my best! XD

  2. So far, I’ve gotten that really old school fun with Wii U. I think I’ve spent about 15hours just in Miiverse. Chatting with people and drawing crappy drawing. It’s more fun that it sounds and I’m a bit amazed that I like it. >_>

    You might be getting a bigger home, but then again you might feel so much better in the new home. You can relax on a whole different level, that you probably(?) haven’t been able to do for the past months I assume?
    Then the gaming will come naturally again and it will feel good. I went through that before I moved to my smaller apartment.

  3. @ Micke:
    Thanks a lot for the supporting words! :) Makes me feel a bit better. Sometimes I’ve been worried that my gaming days are over or at least will never be the same again. But all my gaming gear has been packed away since June. And in all this mess, there is not a lot of feeling relaxed. There’s always something that has to be taken care of it seems.
    But I hope that when I have my new armchair comes I will feel right at home. Not to mention all of the great games that will come this year! :D

  4. @ Lania:
    I think without a doubt you’ll get into gaming again once you have moved. As soon as the stress dies down and you can relax I’m positive you’ll find the enjoyment in gaming again.
    Just being able to pack up all your stuff again will probably make you feel that much better.

    Yeah, I’m really looking forward to 2013 as a gaming year. I sure hope we’ll get tons of good games this year. =)

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