Final Fantasy XIII beaten to a flan!

After much, much time I can finally say that I have beaten Final Fantasy XIII!! And it feels really good! One of my few backlogged games beaten. And I’m not really sure what too think of the game now, I haven’t liked it all the way and it’s not in my top 5 Final Fantasy games. But I really liked the ending and everything with it.
All in all I think its an okay game, I had higher hopes for this game. But then again so did a lot of us, so I guess that’s why there are so many people hating FFXIII. Anyways, I finished the game in 52hours. I think about 8hours of them are spent on just powerlevling, since I had some real trouble later in the game. I was so weak and I died often, but by the time I was facing the last boss I was quite powerful. But I love beating a boss that does not stand a chance.

And on Monday my vacation starts, so that’s going to be good! Really need to recharge my batteries, and now that FFXIII is cleared, I can finally start on Lollipop Chainsaw for real. Looking forward to that, hope I’ll enjoy it now.

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