E3 2012: Microsoft

Now Microsofts E3 press conference is over and I can only say, thank god. That was one boring as show. Seriously, it was just about as bad as their conference they had last year. And the “boss” Dan or what his name was, he looks so lost on stage. Like he doesn’t know how to move or speak, and he feels so awkward…
I was really hoping they would have shown something from their new console. The best things in their conference was Splinter Cell that looked really awesome and that comes from someone who doesn’t like the series very much. But I can definitely see myself playing the new one.

And the other stuff I really enjoyed was Tomb Raider, it looks great. And of course it was fun to see the creators of South Park there and making fun of Kinect and Smartglass. Just to be clear, I do not hate Microsoft in anyway. It was just a boring show they put on. With a performance from Usher who proved to me that he couldn’t sing. If you like Halo and Call of Duty I hope you could get something out of this. I’m hoping Sony and Nintendo will deliver something that speaks to me more.

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