Dance little man, dance!

I got a  dance mat and dance game for my PS2 as a birthday gift, from one of my friends. I had been wanting to play one of those dancing games again. And today I took it out and gave it a try.
Damn! It wa fun, but hard! So I am going to need a lot of practice and training. Well at lest I’ll have something to look forward too. Hehe, my legs hurt a bit now. Going to try and get some more time with the game tomorrow, hopefully I can give it at least 30-40 minutes a day. It will be good training and a good workout.
Gotta find more dance games that’s released in Europe for the PS2, preferably games that contain Japanese music. Since I enjoy dancing to them and they have a great beat.
So If you have anything to recommend, I’ll gladly take all tips.

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