Coming together

Things are finally coming together at my new home. They put in the new plastic carpets today, or as they say the new “floor”. So I can finally start putting up my stuff, that feels great! Will finally feel like a home, one that I like very much. The apartment is smaller, but I like it. It somehow feels freer, it could be because of all the bad stuff I’ve left behind. But I think I can start a life where I can be more happy, I hope so at least. I don’t want to be chained to the bad stuff that has happened in the past, since I’ve let go of those things I hope I can heal.

Well enough of that shit now, I thought I’d post a few pictures of my new place. Nothing much, but I just wanted to share some of it with those who care. The kitchen is tiny, but there is room for two to sit there at least. That’s good enough for me. And while I’ll have to have my bed in the living room too, it’s not that bad. I really enjoy this place, it is calm and it feels like I got away from the shit at the old place. So yeah, smaller apartment but bigger happiness and feel more secure. Fuck yeah!

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